Discover Skyline l Discover Purpose

We're doing fine without you, but we'd be doing a lot better with you.

Next Steps is a one-time experience, offered once a month on Sunday evening from 5-7 PM. The class has two parts – Discover Skyline and Discover Purpose:

Discover Skyline:
During the first part, you’ll meet our church family and learn more about who we are and what we believe.

Discover Purpose:
During part two, you’ll understand how your personality can reveal a path to your destiny and find fulfillment by joining the team that is making a difference in the city we love!

Dinner and childcare provided.

Small Groups

These are your people.

It’s not just who you know, but who knows you that matters. We are dedicated to helping people find meaningful relationships in small groups. You can find your group here.

Water Baptism

An external sign of inward change.

While faith in Jesus is an inward change that takes place in our hearts, that change isn’t meant to stay there. Scripture calls us to make a public declaration of our faith through water baptism. Our next church-wide baptisms are taking place on Sunday, February 17th. If want to get baptized or want to learn more about it, we’d love to be a part.

Dream Team

The people who give their time to make Skyline amazing.

We believe that your best life is discovered when we serve other people and are a part of something that is greater than ourselves. It is in our DNA to love and serve people like Jesus did. As a Dream Teamer, we believe every member is a minister, every task is important, everyone is a “10” in some area.

Interested in serving on the Dream Team?
Attend our NEXT STEPS experience.

Get Connected

Join today.

We wanted to give you one place where you could respond to any of these next steps. A place where you could find message notes, sign up for events, and enroll in groups and classes that will continually help you in your journey with Christ. Check out our connect page – it’s the easiest way for you to get on board.