Leading people into a life changing relationship with Jesus and equipping them to impact our city and the world.


There are 130,000 people living in the Charlottesville Metropolitan Area.

People in our city with little or no involvement in a local church.


People who will likely become less involved in faith over the next decade.


People involved in a church plant who have never been involved in a local church.


Christ followers who started their relationship with Jesus in a local church.


Our Pastors

Jeff & Kristy Nicolette

Before starting Skyline, they served (on staff) at their home church in Northern Virginia for nearly 15 years, where they served in just about every capacity, working with children, teens, adults, and small groups. They are passionate about Jesus and dedicated to helping the local church be all that He intends for it to be—where people can meet Jesus face-to-face and experience life transformation.

Jeff and Kristy felt God’s call to Charlottesville at the end of 2015, and by June of 2016, they packed up their home in Northern Virginia and moved to Charlottesville. They have two beautiful children, their daughter Emery and son Grayson. Their vision is to lead a church that loves Jesus, the city, and its people. They want to see people enter into a life-giving relationship with Jesus, and they desire to build a church that not only makes a difference in people’s lives on Sundays, but also serves its city throughout the week.

Skyline Essentials

Everything we do is centered around our four essentials.



We are dedicated to lifting up the name of Jesus passionately in everything we do so that people will know Him and have a life-changing relationship with Him.



It’s not just who you know, but who knows you that matters. We are dedicated to helping people find meaningful relationships in small groups.



Everyone has God-given passions, talents and dreams. We are dedicated to helping people discover what they are and to partner them with what Jesus is doing in our city.



We believe that Jesus wants to do amazing things in our city and that the church and its people should be a force for good. We are dedicated to making a tangible impact for good in our city, our nation and the world.

Core Values


We passionately and expectantly pursue God.
Because we place God first, we believe He has more. We lean in and sit on the edge of our seat in anticipation.


We are radically generous.
Because God gave everything to us; our time, talent and resources will reflect His position in our lives. It’s a joy to give to Him and others.


We are real.
Because fake is exhausting, God wants us, not the person you pretend to be.


We is greater than Me.
Because we are all part of something bigger than the role we are playing. We lay down
our personal preferences for the sake of reaching people for Christ.


We set the atmosphere.
Because everything we do reflects Jesus, we believe everything we do should be excellent. We will raise the temperature, tone, and mood of everything around us.


We serve joyfully.
Because we love serving God and people, this isn’t an obligation, it’s a privilege. Serving isn’t what we do, it’s who we are. It’s not a have to, it’s a get to.


We honor those around us.

Because we are in this together, we honor everyone. We believe the best for everyone, everyone gets the benefit of the doubt and we are committed to one another.


We are relentless.
Because heaven and hell are realities, we will never stop moving. We will, “by all means” run our race to win and one day hear, “Well done”.

Our Beliefs